Banaue Rice Terraces Conservation

Continuous effort is done for the conservation of the Banaue rice terraces by local government agencies.

The two main threats (destruction of the rice terraces and migration of farmers to cities) are addressed separately.

According to the Ifugao Cultural Heritage Office, landslides are a continuous problem. In 2011, typhoons washed away over 102,000 cubic meters of soil.

The Department of Agriculture infused over 20,000,000 pesos (450,000 USD) to repair it. Landslides pose a continuous threat and on-going efforts exist to repair the damages caused by them.

Regarding the human aspect of the conservation efforts, more action plans are taken into account.

Banaue needs to highlight its unique heritage to attract more tourists. Because the Banaue rice terraces are known worldwide, there is no need to market it aggressively.

Settlement encroachment into the terraces should be addressed and help will be needed from the central government in the coming years.

Design standards for houses and buildings bearing the Ifugao character should be in place. Home-stay programs should be encouraged to provide tourists the experience of living and interacting with a local family. This also provides supplemental income and livelihood to locals, which may be enough incentive for them to preserve the rice terraces.

Documentation of local customs and the passing on of local dances and songs to the younger generation is key. This instills local pride and ensures that traditions will continue.